Salvare in action


[lilo]The boot loader and allows various stages of hardware detection to be disabled is they may cause problems with your machine (or are irrelevant).

[boot]Linux kernel 2.4.20 is used and supports VGA framebuffer consoles, if requested.

[setup]Salvare's boot process attempts to auto-detect and setup as much of your hardware as possible in order to provide an easy rescue environment as well as a usable workstation.

[shell]After booting's finished, you're left at a shell prompt.


[links-thereg] Links 2.1pre9 - graphical web browser supporting JavaScript, HTTPS and mouse control.

[xfree86-basic]XFree86 installed into tmpfs using Debian's apt-get. Full details on using XFree86 (an X Server) can be found in the user manual.

[xfree86-mozilla]Further to the earlier screenshot, this shows both Mozilla and Dillo installed into a running Salvare system without touching the hard disk.