Getting started with Salvare


Salvare (from the Latin "to rescue") is a small Linux distribution designed for small, credit-card sized CDs which typically hold around 34MB. More Linux than tomsrtbt but less than Knoppix, it aims to provide a useful workstation as well as a rescue disk.


salvare:/ $ apt-get update
salvare:/ $ apt-get install fortune-mod
salvare:/ $ /usr/games/fortune
But, officer, he's not drunk, I just saw his fingers twitch!
salvare:/ $
apt-get install xserver-xfree86 xfonts-base xbase-clients wmaker
tracker /usr/share/music/Axel-F.mod
mount somenfsmachine:/somemount /mymountpoint
telnetd start

Customisation using /etc/salvare/{pre,post}init and bootstrp.tgz.